My name is Ashii, the Founder & CEO of #CrystalPreneaurs. 28 years young & a Mother of a beautiful 4 year old Kenyan and 1 year old Ariana, I am out here catching my dreams and inspiring others to do the same.


I started my Network Marketing career back in 2015 after my son was born, after many companies and many lessons I created a "Success Story" of my own! This industry has given me the time and financial freedom that I have always dreamt of for my family.I have gone from Debt-bound and anxiety head to Debt-free and a positive soul.


I have found a balance within the industry and balance both Mum life & working life. This industry has given me the opportunity to Co-Author an inspirational book called "Courage is My Crown" which was a best seller on Amazon within hours.

But as well as this, I Have created a platform to encourage and empower women so they can come out of their dark place. Helping those that are reaching out with professional help.

Highlights of my career